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The Board of Directors of the South Carolina Association for Middle Level Education approved its strategic plan for 2021-2024. The plan will guide the actions and work of the association over the coming years. To access the plan, please click below.

History of SC-AMLE

The South Carolina Middle School Association was organized in 1977 after a committee of middle-level leaders worked for two years. Larry Bolchoz, Director of Middle Schools in Charleston County chaired the committee whose task was to form a middle school association. A group of committed educators agreed to serve on the committee: Cecile Heizer, Greenville County; James Hallman, Lexington District 2; Christine Webb, Richland District 1; and Harold McCallum, York District 4. Bolchoz stated that the purpose of the committee was to form an association…” to enable us to meet together and share our mutual areas of effort, concern, and interest in the middle schools. In this way, our own needs and those of our students would be more adequately served.” Larry Bolchoz served as the first president of SCMSA. In July 1978 under the leadership of SCMSA President Mike Miller from Spartanburg District 6, an application was submitted for affiliation with the National Middle School Association. For over 30 years, SCMSA has provided professional development opportunities for educators across South Carolina. The goal of the association has been to provide a forum for educators to Share in the conversation about middle schools and middle-level education.
On July 1, 2014, the SCMSA officially changed its name to South Carolina Association for Middle-Level Education. The change of the National Middle School Association to the Association for Middle-Level Education prompted a realignment and rebranding of the organization. The name is more representative of the members of SCAMLE. Members include K-8 schools, 6-8 schools, 7-8 schools, 6-12 schools, 7-12 schools, colleges and universities, advocates, and pre-service educators. Since 1977, the organization has had many talented educators serve as president. Each has provided leadership to advance the call for a focus on middle-level education in South Carolina. In addition to strong elected leadership, the association has had talented individuals serve in professional positions. These include Phyllis Pendarvis who became the first part-time Executive Director of SCMSA. Phyllis served from 1999-2006. From 2006-2018 Linda Allen served as part-time Executive Director. In 2018 at the retirement of Linda, Tina Jamison was selected as Executive Director. Tina served the organization for a number of years as the State Department of Education Representative and a Co-Director for the Schools to Watch initiative. In 2021, Tina left the role of Executive Director. Dr. David McDonald was selected as the fourth Executive Director in June 2021.

The SCMSA/SCAMLE leadership has remained strong throughout the association’s 45-year history. Teachers and administrators have served the organization and provided a strong voice for middle-level education across South Carolina. The SCAMLE is indebted to those who have willingly given their time to further the cause of middle-level education.

Vision of SC-AMLE

The vision of the South Carolina Association for Middle-Level Education guides and drives the goals and plans for the organization. The vision has been carefully crafted to best
explain the goals of the organization.


To serve as an advocate and a network of support for middle-level educators to meet the needs of young adolescent learners.

S.C.A.M.L.E Believes….

• The adolescent years are developmentally critical.
• All adolescents must have access to experiences that are academically, socially,
developmentally, culturally, and emotionally relevant.
• All adolescents must have access to high-quality instruction to prepare them for
college and careers.
• That all middle-level educators in South Carolina should be respected as
• The middle-level principles are successful and must be preserved.
• All middle-level educators must have access to collaborative and meaningful
professional learning opportunities.

Strategic Plan for SC-AMLE

During the summer of 2021, board members of SC-AMLE worked to craft a comprehensive strategic plan for the organization. Primary services and initiatives were determined based on the jointly created belief statements/ideals listed above. The activities and services are designed to encourage the growth of the organization along with expanded opportunities for members.
Members of the Board of Directors for SC-AMLE have crafted a plan to reach and maintain a strong vision and mission. Each member has provided leadership in creating this strategic plan.

Professional Learning

To honor the unique growth and on-going education needs of middle-level educators, the goal of SC-AMLE is to provide high-quality experiences for middle-level educators.
1. Increase availability and accessibility of professional learning opportunities.
2. Deliver engaging, current, and relevant professional learning opportunities.
3. Increase the community of learning of middle-level educators across South

Strategies: Leadership: Timeline:
Develop and maintain a website of high-quality materials and resources. Webmaster SC-POMLE Member Schools Board Members Executive Director Benchmark Year 2021 Updated Annually
Conduct a survey of members needs to inform an annual comprehensive professional learning plan. Regional Directors Survey Implementation early fall 2021 Conduct Annually
Develop and implement an annual professional learning plan. Professional Development Chairperson Executive Director Board Members Benchmark 2021 Updated Annually
Provide a strong annual conference to disseminate best practices and to allow for networking opportunities for teachers. Executive Director Board Members Conference Committee Annually
Provide regional opportunities for professional learning and/or networking. Regional Directors Annually
Establish a set of consulting and ongoing support offerings from SCAMLE. Executive Director Board Members 2018 initial setup Ongoing


The goal of SC-AMLE is to ensure unique opportunities for middle-level educators so that
they may better meet the needs of their students.

1. Create a professional learning community specific to middle-level education.
2. Connect middle-level educators with ongoing support.
3. Provide high-quality resources to members of SC-AMLE.

Strategies: Leadership: Timeline:
Maintain a set of member only benefits accessible to the membership through a password protected portal on the website. Board Members Executive Director Webmaster Updated annually
Increase membership annually through stronger marketing and promotion to non-member schools. Executive Director Board Members Regional Directors 2019 benchmark 10% over three years Review Annually
Expand membership to collegiate students and develop relationships with CAMLE affiliates across the state. Regional Directors Executive Director Ongoing
Review analytics for social media, use tools to gather and distribute information, survey through social media, etc Executive Director Webmaster Ongoing


The goal of SC-AMLE is to advocate on behalf of young adolescents and middle level
educators to ensure success for all students.

1. Increase awareness of issues related to middle-level education in South Carolina.
2. Inform stakeholders of policy issues and resources to enhance middle-level
3. Advance opportunities to engage in partnerships at the school, district, state, and
national levels.
4. Provide support to interested stakeholders regarding middle-level education.

Strategies: Leadership: Timeline:
Invite key legislators and policy makers to functions sponsored by the SCAMLE Executive Director Advocacy Committee Regional Directors Executive Board Annually
Partner with the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform Executive Director Executive Board Annually
Partner with other Middle Level Education groups; AMLE, PoMLE, SCASA, etc. Executive Director Executive Board Annually
Develop a set of materials to be used to advocate vision, beliefs, work of SCAMLE Executive Director Executive Board Develop 2022 Distribute 2023


The goal of SC-AMLE is to provide strong high quality communication about middle level
education by connecting all stakeholders to exchange knowledge.

1. Increase the digital footprint of SCAMLE on a variety of social media.
2. Communicate the principles of middle-level education often through a variety of
3. Disseminate information about happenings in middle-level education and schools
across the state.
4. Create opportunities for two-way communication among stakeholders.

Strategies: Leadership: Timeline:
Develop a comprehensive communications plan Executive Director Executive Board Annually
Develop and maintain a current, well supported website Webmaster Executive Director Executive Board Monthly
Utilize print and online opportunities to provide resources for middle level educators Webmaster Executive Director Executive Board Annually
Maintain a member resource center on the website Webmaster Executive Director Executive Board Monthly
Integrate social media opportunities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to share information and ideas Webmaster Executive Director Board Monthly
Develop a membership branding plan Executive Director Executive Board 2022